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Zarum exclusive interview with Pie Media Group Publisher Sandra Roberts

Article on Zarum in the February 2018 issue of Pie Digest Magazine

Pages 86-99

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ZARUM: The Art, The Artist, and the 'Faces' Series

(full length documentary) 63min


The Art of ZARUM

(short preview) 4:55min



(Performed by and featuring the artwork of ZARUM) 4:27min

"Zarum is a painter and sculpture with a unique original and captivating style. The ‘Art of Zarum’, critics say, is a blend of mystical, sensual and emotional outreach. The art is fresh, bold, imaginative and stimulating. It has been described as a crossroads between Picasso and Appel with a dash of aboriginal influence, but nevertheless original. The works exude a passion for love, relationships and soulful intimacy, with a touch of humor — tasteful, colorful, stylistic and commercially viable." 

"Zarum’s work has been shown in Canada, the US and in Europe to great acclaim.  Most of the works have sold mostly to private collectors at highly respectable prices which reflect not only a belief in the current value of the work, but to its increasing value as the acclaim grows.  Zarum is a Canadian with roots around the world." 

"If Karel Appel would meet Picasso, add a bit aboriginal influence and there is Zarum. Very good and very different, that's what it is." (Niek de Kruif) 

"Zarum combines in an original manner brutal, bold, lively, anxious, glad and provocative expressions with round, sensual forms, and interlaced with a generous amount of  humor. Thus he creates his very own worldview in which people and feelings hold a central position."

"The core qualities that Zarum holds deep -from his instant flashes of imagery that take him into a creative utopia for weeks to his ability to never run out of colour, to the pride he holds in being able to truly commit to a vision he believes in- is what makes him a true artist with original and collectable works."


Zarum art exhibit Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Premier of the FACES series of orginal paintings by Zarum.


Zarum Art Exhibit San Juan, Spain.


Zarum 'Faces' Spanish Estate.

Fascinating behind the scenes look at the magnificiant 300 year old Spanish estate where Zarum lived and painted the FACES series over a two year period.


Zarum Corte Englese Art Exhibit, Spain

"Walking through his exhibition one cannot help but to be captured by the joy of being alive that radiates from his paintings and unfurls all around the room. Curiosity striken, one is then carried by a sense of craving from one painting to the next. It is not difficult for the educated eye to identify which artists have influenced Zarum in his work, yet his individuality and personal style definately dominate the final image and make it recognizable as 'ZARUM' art."


Recent article about Zarum's home

in the Spring 2018 issue of Our Homes Magazine

"Built to be viewed at and from, this 13,000 sq. ft. waterfront showpiece on Millionaires Row on the north shore of Kempenfelt Bay boasts three storeys of wall-to-wall windows that make it quite literally a shining example of modern design.  “To me, it's a landmark property,” reflects homeowner Zarum, an internationally renowned artist who personally oversaw every aspect of the 1.49-acre estate's two-year design and build process".

Zarum is not only an artist but he is also an avid art collector.  Here he is visiting Pop Art icon Peter Max at his New York City studio and taking possession of two original paintings by Peter to add to his private collection.

Zarum and Max deep in discussion.

Zarum and Max with first aquistion

Zarum and Max with second aquistion

Zarum and Max discussing music around the piano that Max painted and Ringo Starr signed.

Ringo Starr signing the piano Max painted.

Max's personal signed copy of Zarum's limited edition book, "The Art of Zarum"

Zarum and Peter Max

Zarum is starting a new series called the IMAGE series. The first in the series is a tribute to Peter Max shown here in years past. The painting incorporates Zarum's unique style and technique of pallet knife use as in his FACES series.

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$35,000 ZARUM painting to benefit Brain Tumor Centre

Paul Stanley is well known as a member of the iconic rock group KISS.  Paul is also an Artist who primarily paints on canvas.  Here he is meeting with Zarum in South Florida for dinner. During this meeting Zarum commissioned Paul Stanley to paint one of his iconic signature Ibanez electric guitars similar to the one in this photo.  However, Zarum has requested and Paul has agreed to paint an image of himself in his KISS makeup on the body of the guitar. The Guitar will be box framed and will hang in Zarum's library near his Grand Piano as part of his extensive art collection.

Zarum and Paul Stanley

Zarum and Paul Stanley discussing a custom painted guitar for Zarum incorporating Paul in KISS make-up on the guitar as shown above .

Zarum and Paul Stanley discussing art and how to incorporate it on non-canvas items such as Paul's signature Ibanez electric guitar.


Highly successful 'PRIVATE by invitation Only' Zarum Art Exhibit held at Zarum's waterfront estate. Sunday August 11, 2019


Zarum dressage training in Portugal.

"I've come away with some great inspiration from the experience and the surroundings which I know will find itself in my artwork". Zarum