The Art of Zarum

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We Never Knew


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He possessed a complex mind

filled with wondrous thoughts

We never knew

His spirit should have been broken

by the weight of it all a long time ago

We never knew

We never knew

and now the hands of time

no longer know the way

No time to change, no time to rearrange

No time to watch him play

His heart though broken had

a flowing river of unyielding love

We never knew

Some say he had talent

and to some he did bring joy

We never knew

We never knew…

And through his laugh, his humor would flow

Though the sadness in his eyes would show

Yet nothing would block, no nothing could stop

All he had to share while he was here

All the things we now hold so dear

We never knew…

And in searching we find

the treasures he left behind

We never knew