The Art of Zarum

Original Lyrics

The Same 


International Copyright 2004-2009 Zarum MuZic Inc. 

All Rights Reserved 


What do I see, when I look around 

People crying, but there’s no sound 

We’re all the same I’ve heard it said 

So why the sickness in our head 


I see you all, you look the same 

You want the same, the same, the same 

The same as me, the same as he 

We want the same, we want to be 


To be set free, to watch and see 

Our children climb the long life tree 

And yet I see that all we do 

Is try to kill, both me and you 


We face each other across the line 

And paint each other as dirty swine 

Dehumanize is the game today 

With our deadly toys we’ll all soon play 


Look at their faces, deep in their eyes 

And see your eyes, and see the lies 

They see like you and dream of dreams 

So why are we falling apart at the seams 


I know there’s evil all around 

That seeks to put us underground 

They see the justice in their call 

To slaughter one, to slaughter all 


Religious fervor has made them blind 

Infused that evil in their mind 

But they forget the words of peace 

Look in the Book, see what you missed 


We’re all the same, hard to believe 

Just think back to New Years Eve 

See us standing all as one 

We’re all the same under the same sun 


Though we build borders, walls and gates 

And shield our bodies with armour plate 

Beneath it all, behind the game 

Just look around, we’re all the same