The Art of Zarum

Original Lyrics

Song Of Mine 


International Copyright 2004-2009 Zarum MuZic Inc. 

All Rights Reserved 


I’m sitting here thinking 

How to start this song 

And I can’t get a thought 

To last for long 


The phone starts to ring 

And the neighbor’s moving in 


And the kids on the corner  

Are having a good time 

And the radio’s blasting away 

With the song of mine 


My guitars in the corner 

And no one’s at home 

And thoughts are coming to me now 

Ooh you know they’re coming strong 


So you want to be a big success 

But your afraid that things will end in a mess 

Well all I can tell you is take a chance 

Get up on the stage of life and dance 


So you want to be a big rock star 

But you think that it’s too far 

Well don’t be mislead by the things that you’ve read 

The right or wrong is all in your head 


Anything you want to be, you can be 

If you just put your mind to it you will see 

You got to have the push, if you know what I mean 

Or else you wont be noticed, heard or seen 


So you want to be a business tycoon 

But you think its like wanting the moon 

Its not so far away, listen to what I say 

All you got to do is work hard each and every day 


I’m sitting here thinking 

How to end this song 

And all I can think of 

Is to say so long 

Ooh yeah you know, I’ll see’ya soon 

Take care