The Art of Zarum

Original Lyrics

Seasoned Tears 


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There’s nothing I can do 

To dry the seasoned tears 

Of trying wretched days 

And countless misplaced years 


The price I pay is great 

Though they may never know 

They see still waters shimmer 

While I fight the undertow 


And through the days that look like night 

My tears would turn to prayer 

And words that once were whispered wise 

One never should despair 


My seasoned tears may fall like rain 

Through dark clouds in my eyes 

But through it all I know your there 

To lift my spirit high 


Weighed down by pain and longing 

Too often spent apart 

The years would not be kind to me 

I’d seen this from the start 

There’s no remedy to unite        

The scar sliced through my heart 


But tender moments, filled with love 

Like rays burn through the clouds 

They shine with warmth and comfort  

To bleach my pain-soaked shroud 


And should I reach the golden years 

Will four walls still remain? 

Or will I reap the long sought prize 

I’ve toiled so hard to obtain