The Art of Zarum

Original Lyrics

I Missed The Train  


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So here I am alone again, 

I missed the train,  

and it aint coming back. 


It’s taken everyone with it  

and left me to play solitaire on the platform. 


The night grows cold,  

truth be told it can’t get any worse.  

Never knew how “low” low can go... 

And I think to myself what a wonderful world...HA! 


Starting to feel like a punching bag.  

Taking hits and blows.  

Bloody nose.  

Frozen toes.  

Got my share of woes.  

Blowin smoke in my face. 


Getting tired of wearing masks.  

Looking for tasks to take the day away.  

Act three of the play.  

The final day.  

Got so much to give.  

Just trying to live.  

Feel like a sieve.  

It’s slipping away. 


You give them your all and what do you get?  

Open your heart and soul 

…its nothing but a greasy pole. 

You aint gonna climb it no matter what you do.  

It's time to stop thinking of them and worry about YOU!!!! 


I don’t care.  

They don’t care.  

Why should I care.  

Care died a long time ago. 

It was slow.  

Dragging its feet.  

Keeping the beat.  

Maintaining the heat.  

Man what a trip. 

I missed the train.