The Art of Zarum

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It’s a fine line between love and pain.  

Like the fine line between being balanced and sane.  

It feels like fear, like joy, like pain, like a driving rain, 

washing away all reason. 


I promised myself never again.  

I promised myself no more self inflicted pain.  

And here I did it again.  

I let someone into my heart and all I feel is pain. 


I used to think love was a high,  

Love was a feeling to cherish and keep.  

Love was worth waiting for.  

But all it does is make you hurt. 


I tried to live outside my heart. But I fell back in.  

It’s a meat grinder. It’s a press.  

Its surgery with a dull knife. Taking out a life.  

It’s all I can do to survive. 


Sweet sister child your so young and pure.  

But you’re my illness not my cure.  

Like a fast moving cancer you spread through my soul.  

Your infectious laugh and contagious smile.  

Your beauty and your feminine grace, 

are now like a shot of mace. 


You let me taste your fine wine.  

You let me sip from the sweetness of your lips.  

You let me feel the warmth of your inner body.  

You’ve poisoned me.  

I feel it working its deadly deed.  

A life saving antidote is what I need. 


I can see why some may not like the work that you do.  

Surrounded by men, all hitting on you.  

Temptation is there though you say not.  

It only takes one to unravel the knot. 


So I sit here at the bar sipping my tea.  

I can now understand why the last man you had could not let you be.  

The comfort of having a good man to some women 

is more important than a bar, or a ride in a car.  


You’re so hard to read.  

Like a book with empty pages.  

No wisdom of the sages here.  

Give me a clue.  

What’s going on with you?  

Are we to be, if not set me free.  

Restore my vision so I can see.  

Someone out there is waiting for me. 


Guess that’s why I never went out with a barmaid.  

Guess that’s why I never will again.  

It aint worth the pain.  

Going to take a walk in the rain.  

Try to wash away the pain..  

Cleanse myself for that sunny day.  

There’s always a sunny day.  

It’s always a day away. 


So I guess you didn’t know it.  

I guess you didn’t see.  

That when I said goodnight. 

It was the last you would see of me.  

I offered to take you along on my merry go round.  

But you took my heart and beat it into the ground. 


Hasta Baby!