The Art of Zarum


'The Hierarchy of Women'

Title: The Hierarchy of Women     Medium: Acrylic on Canvas      Size: 153cm X 122cm

The Hierarchy of Women:  The woman on the right appears like the mother of all Divas. She has a serious, unshaken, but soft look in her eyes and half a smile on half of her beautiful red lips. She shows off her perfectly standing breasts partially in a black outfit. This is the part she reveals of herself. The other half of her face and personality remains a mystery, a fact which makes her alluring and stirs curiosity. She is powerful, elegant, soft, tempting, confident and mysterious, like a diva-queen. Yet she stays out of the spotlight. In the center of the work are the others. Those who are in constant rivalry behind her back, they smile and gossip, compliment and manipulate, they also conspire against her. 

It’s a women’s world: The hierarchy of women, the intrigues of women..