'Giraffes on Bicycles'

The Art of Zarum

Title: Giraffes on Bicycles     Medium: Acrylic on Canvas      Size: 70cm X 50cm

Giraffes on Bicycles: When I lived in Amsterdam I spent almost every day walking through the Vondelpark which is Amsterdam’s version of New York’s Central Park. I was always taken by the large number of beautiful women making their way through the park on their bicycles. What struck me most were the long legs and torsos of the women peddling the bicycles. I could not help but think of Giraffes on Bicycles. I rushed home with the idea and started the painting. In it I use only the colors of the flag of The Netherlands (except for the yellow wooden shoes). I also incorporate the wonderful façade of the centuries old homes that dot the canals of the city. And of course I had to put windmills somewhere, so I chose the wheels of the bicycle.